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I just wanted to say thank you for penning Rent2Rent: Massive cash during a massive crash.

I received the book in the post yesterday evening and by 10am this morning had read it cover to cover! A very inspirational book that demonstrates that a) The simplest ideas are sometimes the best & b) sheer will and tenacity can yield amazing results.

What came across very clearly for me is that you are a lady who is not afraid to make tough decisions quickly, and also somebody who bears the convictions of her beliefs and doesn't give up easily. Above all, you come across as someone that does something that a lot of others don't - take massive action when you see an opportunity.

All in all the book contains some really great nuggets of information that I will definitely be using to get me started!


I am contacting you as I have just read your book which I bought via amazon and read in 6 hours flat! I read it that fast as I am obsessed with property, and secondly I have been looking for guidance on how to do rent to rents for the past 18 months! Your book has been a long time coming!

L. Shearing

Thanks for a great day along with Glenn Armstrong in Milton Keynes. Loved your presentation and "Hat's off to your achievement" as they say "You did good girl". Isn't it funny how I have even done this concept on many occasions but just not done it with the consistency you have. Some times it takes another to remind you of the bigger picture. This is certainly a strategy that I am going to encourage my men-tee's to adopt, rent2rent, with some gusto as part of their property plan.

Again "Thank You", look forward to receiving all paperwork.


Great presentation on Saturday and now you also over-deliver on the forms! Great stuff! I look forward to the webinars in due course.

Sat down at my computer first thing yesterday morning (Monday) answered my mobile to find somebody looking for the room in Eltham I had advertised on the course! Naturally, having paid attention to what you said, I told him that one had gone but I hope to be getting another shortly!


I'm Mohamed and I attended your course in Milton Keynes on your rent2rent strategy. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and intend to implement the knowledge you shared with us.

I have also read your book which was really insightful. Thank you for giving me a copy and signing it for me.


We found the property on gumtree, you might say it was beginners luck, or you might say you make your own luck by looking in the right place for the right opportunity...

A really lovely family home where the owners were renting direct, and liked the idea of an "estate agent" without the cost.

We took the property on, placed the ads on spareroom, gumtree and easyroommate. We had loads and loads of enquires, and had all the rooms rented within a week.

The only downside was that some of the tenants wanted us to wait a month before they could move in. As they were all such a great fit, and seemed to get on really well whenever they met, we agreed, and the house is full and paying from the 1st August.

It seemed too easy really, the house is earning about £800 per month profit, and we are taking on the second one on the 4th August. That has been more difficult, as we have done it through an agent, who wanted loads more detail, as well as being the only agent out of about 15, who was prepared to do business with us...

The house isn't quite as nice, but has a better location, so fingers crossed for the lettings, I think we have let the smallest room already though.

You can see our website at and our Facebook page at HousingHelpEastAnglia.

As I said, it seemed very easy if we followed the instructions. Heres to the next one being as smooth.

To your success and ours.

Rick and Karen Player

I have been talking about you to all my friends. You are an incredible teacher. I made my first Rent to Rent deal a month ago and my profit on that house is £900 per month. If my 2nd and 3rd deals give up with the first, I will be able to sack my boss within 3 months. I never thought this would be possible, but yes it is possible. I spend most evenings doing my viewings after work, I canít wait to this full time.

Thank you again for advising me on my new area, my first choice would have been catastrophic. Your system definitely works.


I had a one 2 one course with Taiwo mid March, and the income potential was so motivating that I decided to give it a go. I took a day off the following week from work to look for a property. I did my homework as I was told, and found a house the same day. I managed to rent all 5 rooms out within 2 weeks and I'm expecting £600 passive income from May.

This thing works, you just need to be bold enough to give it a go. And also, just do exactly what Taiwo taught you.

K. Achirou

As promised, I have completed my first house. I am 1 week behind my schedule due to the issues we spoke about. My profit is roughly around £760 per month in passive income. Truly, this is amazing stuff. I am now looking to take on my second house, in fact I have found it already, I will send you my updates as usual.

Lawrence D.

We now have our first two houses tenanted, with a net positive cashflow of £1,600 per month.

Thankyou! That from a standing start in three months. I would like to come on the course again to refresh my memory.

Rick (and Karen) Player

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