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Taiwo Orishayomi

Taiwo Orishayomi was born in Nigeria, brought up in Paris where she had her BA in Languages and Economics; she later came to London where she tried her hands in many different careers. Upon her arrival in London, she set herself a goal to find a job within 24 hours. She succeeded by taking on a role as a leather garment retailer. Within 3 months she found her way into managing a designer shoe shop in Chelsea. Within one year, she became a fashion PR and 3 months later, she found her dreamed job in a fashion publication. After a year of working as a fashion stylist, she decided to have her own magazine. BOLZ magazine was launched in 2003. Taiwo ran this magazine until 2007 when she realised that the fashion industry was no longer her path to financial freedom.

She worked as a publication marketer and an advertising manager for other publications until 2010 when she decided once again to move forward. Taiwo saw herself as a builder and a developer of business, not one to follow other people’s ideas. She said that in 2010, after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki, she found her new path into building a financial pillar. After several months of studying and searching for the easy way to get into the property business, she finally came up with her own strategy which she named Rent2Rent™. This simple formula generated over £10,000 per month in passive income within 10 months. She has coached hundreds of property newbies and experienced investors how to get through the labyrinth of the property business using other people’s assets. Taiwo now focuses on her own portfolio of properties and various investment ventures.

Taiwo is a qualified Residential Letting & Property Manager. A national accreditation awarded by the National Federation of Property Professionals (NFOPP) Awarding Body. She is regularly featured on media platforms such as the BBC and other property media outlets.

Alongside her property management and portfolio building, Taiwo runs her workshops and private mentorship in Bristol.

Her two books: Rent2Rent: Massive Ca$h During a Massive Crash and Rent2Rent: Landlords, Agents and The Legal Skills You Should Consider are now widely available in Waterstones, Amazon and all major bookstores.

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